Janine Found Her Tribe


I joined AMP because I liked the semi-private training model they have and I’m a person that needs an appointment to get to the gym. Otherwise, I’ll make excuses not to go (ex. my imaginary cat misses me and I need to go home to him – true story).

I’m not a skinny mini and being stared at and feeling judged by people can be really scary. Not once did I feel that way at AMP.

AMP is not a scary ‘no one knows your name’ kind of gym. It’s everything but that. Not only do the coaches say hello when you walk in the door, but the other members do too. It is such a warm and welcoming environment where everyone wants to know your name. 

I am very self-conscious of my body and weight. Over the years, I have lost weight and I’ve regained weight. I live that cycle and it’s exhausting, mentally and emotionally. I joined AMP in hopes of getting physically fit. A year and a half later, I can call myself a powerlifter and am about to compete in my second RPS Powerlifting competition! And as fantastic as that is, AMP also helps me live my BEST life. We talk nutrition, we talk good habits, we talk about personal issues, we joke around, we’re silly, we sweat, and we truly care about each other. I go to AMP 2 to 3 times a week because it’s my church. My heart and soul get filled with so many good things while I’m there. And you may ask, am I still self-conscious about my weight? Yup, I am but I know my weight doesn’t define me. That right there is something I’m very proud to be able to say.  

I recommend AMP because it’s a real place with real people who really care about you.  
It’s friendly, warm and welcoming. You’ll get your sweat on and smile from inside out while doing it.

I love my #AMPFAMILY!